For disabled persons applying for Social Security disability benefits, other assistance may be available.  The links provided here are to sites where you can obtain information on your congressional representatives, government and medical services and information related to specific medical problems.

Social Security Administration (SSA)           Helpful Official Social Security Links and Information

SSA – This site has information that will help explain the disability determination process.

Government Resources

Mental Health Needs

Capital Area Mental Health Center

1106 Clayton Lane, Ste. 105-West
Austin, Texas 78723
Phone: 302-1000
Fax: 302-0850

Capital Area Mental Health Center (CAMHC) offers ongoing, low-cost, outpatient psychotherapy for individuals and couples. We have no session limit and address a variety of mental health issues including; depression, relationship problems, sexual abuse, anxiety, physical abuse, social isolation and others. Income-based fees allow people with limited financial resources and limited or no mental health insurance benefits to access affordable outpatient psychotherapy. Call (512) 302-1000 for more information or to request services.


  • Click here to reach the American Foundation for AIDS Research.
  • HIV Community Outreach and EducationThe HIV Community Outreach and Education program works to prevent the spread of HIV by educating persons engaged in high risk behaviors. Programs and services are offered for defined populations and are conducted at targeted sites during high traffic periods. Case management services include an assessment of the client’s needs and personal support systems. Once this is accomplished, case managers develop a comprehensive, individualized plan and help coordinate the appropriate services. Clients are monitored regularly and plans are evaluated and revised when necessary. Case managers also serve as client advocates.
  • The David Powell ClinicThe David Powell Clinic provides primary medical care and comprehensive social work services on an outpatient basis to central Texas residents. HIV health services focus on the prevention of illness and the ongoing management of chronic conditions and acute health problems. Services are provided through a coordinated team effort which includes physicians, nurses, social workers, a nutritionist, and support staff. Services are available to uninsured or underinsured individuals over the age of 18 years in all stages of HIV disease. The clinic provides services in a respectful and caring atmosphere that allows clients to feel accepted, safe, and empowered to make informed decisions about their health.
  • Austin HIV Services4614 North IH 35, Austin, Texas 78751; (512) 972-4900

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